Your Key Audience: a mobile crowd

The dynamics of search are changing. In our increasingly mobile world, search platforms have grown at unprecedented rates, especially on mobile. Search formats are favoring voice search technology and mobile search to app linking.

Eli Goodman, notable search expert, presented the following fascinating facts at the beginning of the key panel session of SMX (Search Marketing Expo) on Monday:

  • There is still 25 percent of the US population over the age of 13 that doesn’t have a smartphone and 60 percent that doesn’t have a tablet.
  • Total digital media usage has grown 49 percent, with mobile apps having grown 90 percent (June 2013 vs. June 2015).
  • Mobile search accounts for ~30 percent of all search activity (Q4 2014), with smartphones driving a greater share (20 percent) than tablets.
  • 80 percent of time spent on the internet (via mobile) is spent on three apps.

What does this mean for business?

Mobile applications and mobile responsiveness are the most important developments for any marketing done by business.

Target audience has been redefined by how businesses respond to the mobile revolution.

With 25% of the US population over the age of 13 not owning a smartphone, businesses must make the conscious choice of how to market. Typically smartphone owners will be between 15-65 years old, and living above the poverty line. Therefore, mobile friendly marketing techniques will target adults and teens of driving age typically with expendable income: the key audience for most businesses.

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