All of our clients have one common goal in mind:  build an audience and generate sales or action.  The details are a little bit different for each client, but the methods for success can be applied to everyone.   Simply put - in today's age you need much more than just a website to succeed, and you need to work with people who have the experience and expertise to help guide you through.

It's true that you get what you pay for, and we far too often see startups make the mistake of not investing enough (or at all!) in their brand and marketing.  It won't matter how good your product is if no one knows about you!  

Allison and Ian are here to help you from the very beginning and anytime after the launch of your project.  We help you make the right choices and investments, and to get the most out of every dollar you spend.   Every project is different, but here's some basic guidelines on what you can expect to spend getting started.

Fixes & Consulting

Existing Website Fixes

Existing Website Updates

General Graphic Design


Bare Bones

5 Page Website Setup

Standard Theme

Free SSL Certificate

Minor CSS Customization

Use Existing Brand Materials

Wordpress Crash Course (phone/skype), 1hr

Hosting, Email $25/mo

Brand Review and Recommendations


Everything in 'Bare Bones' PLUS:

Brand Design / Update

Customized Website Theme Design

Page Keyword SEO

Up to 2 Landing Pages

Facebook Brand Setup

Instagram Brand Setup

Twitter Brand Setup

YouTube Brand Setup

Close the Deal!

Everything in 'Make an Impression' PLUS:

Content & workflow optimization

Additional website pages to support marketing plan

Social media advertising management to support marketing plan.

Social media advertising A/B testing

Website speed, caching optimization

In-depth training and support of all tools as needed

Business Card Design Template

Up to 3 other printed/physical media designs to support marketing plan

Video production to support marketing plan (up to 2)

Audio production to support marketing plan (up to 2)

Note: Social media marketing budget is separate from this package.


Success begins with a brand!  We've helped so many clients over the years that had bits and pieces of their brand figured out, but never the complete package.  Did you know your brand is much more than just a logo?  You need to consider everything from fonts and color scheme, logo design, brand culture, and even the voice you use when communicating with your customers.  Today's world is immediate satisfaction and gratification - so if your brand falls apart in any of those core areas, your customers will walk away and never look back.



Once you have  a brand established, it's critical to apply that brand to all of your media outlets.  Your website should be captivating and beautiful.  It should work on all devices, regardless of screen size, and it should be optimized for search engines to know and understand the content on your site.  All the design elements of your brand also need to be applied to your social media accounts - using the same logo everywhere, consistent graphics and voice, and non-stop customer support.  Videos and photos should have a look and feel that identifies with your brand - so when your customers sees media you create, they immediately recognize it as you!  Finally, don't forget your printed media!  Business cards, fliers, banners, vehicle wraps... all of these things contribute to your brand and make impressions.  Make sure they are quality!

Our expertise in social media marketing with put you in front of THOUSANDS of qualified buyers in your market or even across the world.  We know how to determine what kinds of campaigns work for your business, and how much you should invest to be successful.  We even offer a separate training to teach you the ins and outs of the complex Facebook advertising tools, or if you'd prefer you can have us manage your campaigns.

Consider us more of partners, tech support, and cheerleaders.  We will help guide you though this complex world, and in the end your business with be more effective and more successful!  It's so important to invest in your brand and marketing - you can't afford to ignore this part of your business!