About SITEnation.com

SITEnation.com came into existence on March 12, 1999.  It was an interesting time in the history of the internet.  Dial-up modem connections to the internet were still the most common form of connection, and AOL ruled the land.   Broadband internet such as DSL and cable modems were just coming into availability in Iowa, and the number of businesses that were needing websites for their businesses was exploding.

The founder of SITEnation.com (Ian Austin), was one of the partners of a small dial-up internet service provider (ISP) in Cedar Rapids.  As cable modems and DSL lines were replacing dial up connections, the decision was made to shutter the ISP and spin off the web hosting and design business, thus SITEnation.com was born.

In the years since, we’ve gained a lot of experience and a lot of clients.   We host websites for hundreds of clients around the country, and have written many custom websites that solve the unique problems our customers have.   The websites we design help our customers more efficiently and effectively run their businesses, and they count on these websites to be the primary marketing channel and customer interaction and support tool their businesses use today.

During our company’s long history, most of our clients have been out of state – even though we’ve always called eastern Iowa home (and most of those years in Lisbon, IA) – so in 2015 we are taking steps to attract more local customers and help them solve their problems with functional, cost effective, and mobile enabled websites.

As we saw back in 1998 – the revolution from dial up to broadband internet connections – we are seeing another revolution on the internet in 2015.  Mobile websites are critical to business today.  Search engines, such as Google, are maintaining a separate index for mobile users, and if your website is not mobile compatible, you will be left out of that index.

As the mobile revolution continues in 2017, it’s time again to make a change in the direction that our customers need.  We are now launching a series of educational products and consulting services to accompany our excellent hosting & design services.  The current landscape of SEO, Social Media Integration, online advertising, webmaster tools, attracting leads and converting them to customers has created a deep rooted need among business owners to crave education on all of these topics.  As a result, these educational programs will be launching throughout the year to educate and train business owners.  Our managed hosting will continue to remain, providing stable and secure environments for your business to grow online.

SITEnation.com is here to help your business survive this, and all upcoming revolutions.  Contact us today.